New to facial oils? What’s it all about and why the rave?

Whenever one hears of facial oil, the immediate reaction was “breakout”. We get it.

However, that’s a myth. In our recent survey on social media, we realized some of our followers are have no idea that you can incorporate plant oils in their facial routine.

Well, before discovering the benefits of facial oils. I avoided products that are oily and only buy products labeled “oil-free”. Little did I know that not only it didn’t help me but my face was still sensitive and irritated.

In this post, we want to introduce some of the benefits of facial oils and why you should include in your skincare routine.

Benefits of facial oils

Dry Skin: Oils are the ideal antidote to dry, flaky skin. Oils such as almond oil, squalane and marula oil keep dry skin hydrated and protected much longer than over the counter moisturizersNormal/Combination Skin: Combination skin consists of dryness in some areas and oiliness in other parts such as the T-Zone. Oils such as marula and jojoba can treat areas that are dry, while helping to balance the oiliness in the shiny parts.  

Oily: “Why put extra oils on your face when it’s already oily?” This may sound contradicting but facial oils that are pure and rich in vitamins can help to balance the overproducing sebum on your face. Basically it makes your face less oily overall. Try balancing facial oil such as squalane oil, argan oil and meadowfoam oil.

Acne-prone Skin: While it’s true that excess sebum may cause clog pores or breakouts but that’s not true when it comes to oils you apply on skin. In fact, facial oils that are good for acne prone skin actually help your skin produce less pore-clogging sebum. Oils such as rosehip oil, blue tansy oil and marula oil can reduce inflammation, redness and acne-causing bacteria.

Now, how would you know if the oils are pore-clogging? Well, there’s a chart called comedogenic scale which ranks oils and butters based on their propensity to clog skin pores. 

We’ll talk about it our the next post :)

What can I do with facial oils?

Perfect primer for make-up

I’m not sure when was the last time I use primer. Probably more than 3-4 years ago. If you have dull skin or if anyone of you wants glowing skin (who doesn’t?), facial oil is your best bet. Gently pat your oil onto your face and let is absorb properly prior to applying your foundation. It helps with hydration and give an instant glow without shimmer. You can also mix a few drops of oil in your foundation for natural and smooth application. Trust us on this.

Perfect cleanser and make-up remover

Oil cleanser has gone mainstream with brands such as THREE, Shu Uemura, Neutrogena and more. Many people have turned to oil cleansing as a way to gently remove makeup and soothe sensitive skin. Using oils instead of traditional facial wash can help to protect the natural lip layer of the skin. Now, oil cleansing is different from the normal cleansing. It’s not foamy lather and rinsing but rather it’s done with pure oils and a washcloth dampened with warm water.

You could also remove makeup with cotton pads and double cleanse your face after with your traditional face wash if you still prefer the rich, foamy lather. 

I would suggest you to give oil cleansing a try!

Perfect serum

This is the beginner-friendly way to introducing oils to your skin care. Add a few drops to your palm and gently pat on your skin before using a moisturizer. You can also mix oil into your moisturizer if you’re not used to applying oils on bare skin.

Adding oils to body scrubs, lip scrubs and masks

Whether it’s exfoliant for your face, lips or body, the oil will help keep moisture in your skin. Adding oils to your coffee and sugar scrubs or clay masks will leave your skin glowing and replenished!