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Scents That Inspire

Eco-friendly candles made with coconut & rapeseed wax

Brighten + Detoxify Skin

Face Clay Mask Singapore

Redefining Deodorant

Handcrafted with natural plant-based ingredients

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Why You'll Love Us?


We are committed to using the least amount of plastic in our product packaging in efforts to promote sustainability. After all, nature is our home and greatest resource for a healthy body and nourished soul! All our products are housed in a glass container.

Natural Ingredients

Equally as important to us is taking care of the Earth that our body calls home, which is why we only use natural ingredients in all our products. Not only are natural ingredients gentler and safer for the skin, they are also harmless to the environment as opposed to conventional chemical ingredients.

Love, Love, Love

We believe that self love begins with you. Learn to really love yourself and then spread the love to others. At Soul Good Project, we are a community that support each other.


A natural deodorant is a first for me, and I might just be a convert after trying this! The lovely scent aside, I liked how the balm was non-sticky and settled very comfortably onto the skin, leaving it smooth and moisturised. The scent is long-lasting but not overpowering, and does a great job of keeping odour at bay. Highly recommended for those who are new to natural deodorants!

Xylia from DC Edit

"It’s dry and has an amazing scent (I’m using Himalayan Wilderness) that stays on throughout the day."


"We have tried many beauty and lifestyle products here at GAYA and we have to admit, not many products have ended up on our best-of-the-best shelf. This has. Especially the deodorant balms. All you need to do is rub in a pea-sized amount and you’re good to go."

Gaya Magazine