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At Soul Good Project, we believe that self-love starts with loving your body. We don’t just mean your size, shape or skin tone, but also what you put into and onto your body. That's why we're committed to bringing healthier choices to you. 

Our founder knows this first-hand, as someone who battles eczema and is also gluten and lactose intolerant. 

Frustrated at the range and accessibility of healthy products in the market, she desired to come up with her own alternatives for those who share similar skin and health concerns. With that, she embarked on a project to inspire self-love by developing handmade products that make your body feel ‘soul good’. Thus, Soul Good Project was born.

We believe that small changes will lead to bigger impact in our mind, body and soul. Starting with the first project focusing on personal care range, we aim to provide a wide range of choices from skin care, food products and more!

With Love,