Nylon Deodorant Feature - 6 Deodorants To Keep You Feeling And Smelling Fresh All Day Long

As we shift into the warmer months, there has been a rise in the sale of deodorants, especially now that we’ve been out post-Circuit Breaker. Slathering on deodorants has been second nature to many, while some lucky few don’t find the need to.

Whatever the case is, you’d know the importance of deodorants: they keep us from stinking and instead, ensure we smell fresh all day long. Besides keeping your body odour at bay, some of these deodorants have also been said to get rid of bacteria from your underarms too! So if you’re looking to go your day without having to worry about smelling bad, here’s a mix of alcohol-free and natural deodorants that will keep your underarms from falling in the pit of despair.


Some of us might still not be used to the idea of a deodorant that comes in the form of a balm, but Soul Good Project is about to change your minds on that. The local beauty brand first launched last year with their lineup of deodorant balm and sprays that are made from plant-based ingredients to offer a more natural deodorant option for consumers. Take, for instance, their Himalayan Wilderness Deodorant Balm. Not only does it neutralise body odour, the deodorant balm also absorbs sweat, moisturises skin and kills bacteria at the same time, thanks to ingredients like arrowroot flour, shea butter and coconut oils.


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