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Invigorating smell, and works well

I'm glad to finally come across another brand that works for me. This deodorant balm smells amazing (very earthy) on its own, and it helps to keep me smelling fresh for a day without a need for re-application, which is an important factor for me when choosing a deodorant. It would be nice if a small spoon was included, as it was a bit difficult to scoop out the deo with my finger as it is a little soft.
Would like to eventually try the other available scents.

Effective, lasting & smells great!

I think I perspire easily and a lot. Plus, I move a lot. I've long been uneasy with the ingredients used in most anti-perspirants for a long time, but felt like I couldn't find a suitable substitute.

Then I came across this one and decided to give it a try. Understandably, I was a little nervous the first few days I used it, cos i was worried the deodorant wouldn't work.
But you know what. So far so good! The balm keeps odours at bay, helps to absorb my sweat and I'm pretty sure the effects at least last as long as the anti-perspirant I used to use. The scent doesn't last as long, but that's totally fine with me.

I'm really happy to have found this deodorant and I'm looking forward to trying the other scents next time!

Thank you so much L.R! We're glad to hear that the deodorant lives up to your expectation. Our team appreciates your kind words and this motivates us!

Great deodarant balm!

Pros: This deodorant has a fresh refreshing smell to it and is able to last the whole day for me. Another thing I love about this product is that a lot of organic ingredients are used.

Con: The only issue I have with the deodorant is that since it has a waxy-like consistency to it, your fingers feel sticky after applying the deodorant balm. When you try to wash off with soap, the stickiness does not go off. I need to wash my hands twice to remove the stickiness.

Wee Nee Lee
Himalayan Wilderness Deodorant Balm

This all-natural deodorant has become a self-care product that I cannot live without ever since my first application! I had been searching for another natural deodorant on the market as my previous one slowly became ineffective at masking odour, especially after exercise or a long day at work. I had a few hits and misses before chancing upon this product online, and decided to give it a try. The soothing and balmy scent hit me once I opened the bottle and it was easy to apply and re-apply when needed. More importantly, it kept me smelling fresh all day, and I definitely feel more assured and confident both at work and at play! It was indeed love at first whiff, and I would recommend this balm to all to try, and hopefully, it will also become a staple in your self-care routine in the future. ❤️


I love this so much! The texture is great (I used another brand of cream deodorant and didn't like the texture as the cream and oil separated), the smell is lovely and fresh and I don't smell at the end of the day :) Does an amazing job!