Best Ways On Applying Natural Deodorant Balms

We always shop for products that we possibly don't need for our face, hair and feet, but we always neglect our underarm. Poor pits. We should give as much care to our underarm as we have for our face.

Using a deodorant is a fantastic way of keeping your underarm fresh, clean and moisturised!

Here are some of the best tips on applying your deodorant for optimal results.

  • Towel dry armpit after shower and apply pea size amount on your underarm using circular motion. Yass, give 'em some massage. 

  • Apply with dry hand so there is no water contact with the balm to avoid product contamination. Also, ensure your underarms are completely dry so that you allow the ingredients to work its magic on your underarm.
  • You may have some residue left on your fingers but you don’t have to wash them away (it’s not dirty!). You can just rub it off on your skin if you prefer. It’s all natural ingredients found in your moisturiser or body balms anyways.
  • You can reapply the product throughout the day. 

    P.S. If you have just shaved or wax your armpits, we do not recommend to apply straightaway. You may experience some tingling on your skin given your skin will be extremely sensitive post shave or wax. Ouch. 

More tips to come so be sure to check out this space.