How To Stay Positive & Productive During Covid-19?

Credit: Unsplash

I’m not sure how you’re feeling but many people from different parts of the world may be experiencing various emotional states as Covid-19 continues. For most of us, working from home may be dreadful in this era, especially with social distancing in place, and for those of you who are not at work, you must be thinking – what am I going to do all day? Netflix and chill all day? Well, it doesn’t have to be that boring.

Here are 5 tips that may be helpful for you:

  • Self awareness and self reflection – Everyone is just so busy with their daily lives, social media and everything else but making time for themselves. Recognizing our emotional state and becoming aware of our own feelings are more important than you know. Whether you’re feeling happy, sad, moody or feeling unproductive, it is crucial to recognize the situation you are in. This is the BEST time to spend time with yourself and to reflect on what’s causing you to feel that way. Write it out in a journal and reflect. If you’re unhappy, ask yourself why you’re feeling this way and how can you make changes?
  • Pick up a book or online course– Instead of resorting to Netflix, why not pick up a book or sign up for an online course? It could be learning how to improve your business, a new language or a new skill. Increasing knowledge is the best investment of all. 
  • Connect with your loved ones – Make a point to connect or reconnect with your family or friends: be it phone calls or FaceTime video. Connect, show concerns and really make a point to have real conversations. Again, we’re too busy with other’s life on social media that we forgot about the ones who matter most to us. 
  • Get some exercise – With so many workout videos on the internet, get some physical exercise and make your heart work a little. It could be a 15 mins stretching, 20 minutes HIIT workout or 10 minutes yoga practice. This will not only benefit your health and increase your immune system but it’s good for the mind too! 
  • Create a to-do list – Working from home can be unproductive or maybe disorganized for some of us. Well, it’s a good time to develop some new habits that can keep yourself on track. Try starting each day with a list of tasks that you can plan to accomplish that day. Remember to prioritize your to-dos! It doesn’t have to be a list of 20 tasks to be completed on that day itself. Anything between 5-10 tasks should be enough for the day. 

Hope you find these tips helpful for you during this period. It’s hard to be in control of things that are out of your control. So why not focus on improving yourself instead?

As George Bernard Shaw said, “those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”.