What’s the hype behind Marula Oil?

If you’ve been to Sephora, you have definitely heard of the trending product Marula Oil by the famous skin care brand Drunk Elephant. According to beauty experts, Marula Oil is popular for hair, face, body and cuticles that it could sorta be the new Argan oil or the new Coconut oil.

What Exactly Is Marula Oil?

The light yellow oil is derived from two sources of the African Marula tree, extracted from either the Marula nut or the soft kernel seeds of the Marula fruit. Pure forms of Marula Oil can be high on the price point and are most frequently blended with multiple natural oils.

What are the benefits of Marula Oil?

Nourishing properties to moisturize and repair

Marula oil is a natural healing remedy and the amino acids found in the oil help to boost hydration with immediate results. Marula oil is packed with anti-inflammatory properties that DOES IT ALL. Not only it’s good for the face and body, Marula oil conditions the hair and nourishes the scalp too without making it overly greasy. That probably explains why Marula oil is in so many hair products.


Marula oil is a daily boost for your skin. As the oil contains Vitamin C and E, it is claimed to neutralize free radicals from pollution and sun exposure. With its anti-ageing properties, the oil helps to soften the appearance of wrinkles, stimulate collagen production and promote a youthful, smooth complexion.

Heal Chapped Lips 

Want to have soft and pink lips? Marula oil is popular for its ability to heal dry and chapped skin too! If your lip balms are not really working for you, why not try Marula oil?

Prevent Stretch Marks

Marula oil has beneficial nutrients that help retain skin’s elasticity and suppleness. It is known to help in keeping away the hyperpigmentation and stretch marks that may concern many women (okay, I admit I’m part of them).

Now, How Do You Use Marula Oil?

Facial Moisturiser

Marula Oil can be used as a daytime and nighttime moisturizer regardless of your skin type as it’s highly absorbent. Drip a few drops of cold-pressed Marula oil on your fingers and gently pat it on your face. As it absorbs really quickly so you can actually apply before makeup or if you prefer, you could add a few drops on your foundation for that extra glow.

Body Moisturiser

Marula oil is an amazing ingredient and can be used as an overall body lotion. Try applying after bathing for better results.

Leave-on Hair Conditioner

Rub a few drops of Marula oil into the ends of your hair to eliminate split ends and dryness. It works well on dry and irritated scalps too.

Lip Lotion

Moisturize your lips with 1-2 drops of Marula oil in the morning or night before your sleep for that soft, kissable lips!

If you’re looking for a multitasking oil, check out our Virgin Cold-Pressed Marula Oil!