How candles affect our mood while working from home?

With work from home becoming a default in many countries, the line between work and relaxation has become increasingly blurry. The occasional coffee break in the office has turned into having coffee whilst drafting an email, and grabbing a drink with colleagues after work has instead become more like another Zoom meeting. With such social experiences put on hold and homes turning more and more into a workplace, maintaining self-care standards have proved difficult. Thus, candles have gradually become an essential to many. 

The various fragrances and scents of different candles are especially suited for different moods across all times of the day. Certain scents are attractive at separate moments because of the memories we associate with them, or the hormones (like serotonin and dopamine) they trigger. The stimulation of our limbic system by the aroma of scented candles can thus influence our emotional state much more than we would have expected. Not only that, scent affects our productivity at work too. 

tea scented candle singapore

Soul Good Project boasts a large variety of candles to help you get through your day: the luxurious scent of our Tea Lounge candle which is best enjoyed with a cup of tea of coffee while bringing us back to the afternoon tea session at your favourite high tea spot; the sophisticated, musky Dark Honey & Tonka readily provides a cosy and romantic atmosphere for a date night with a special one or simply give you a mood-boost; and our invigorating Summer Yuzu which evokes happiness and brings you summer time vibes that you can enjoy at home. 

Now is the best time to explore the different scents and take care of your moods in all the ways you can. Staying healthy and happy has never been easier as our candles are specially curated and picked for the right moment. Comfort in a jar? Now that’s something we all need.

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