#Soulpreneurs: Interview With Charlene From Glowfully

Meet Charlene, the founder of Glowfully, a local clean beauty brand that creates lightweight and efficacious skincare products with a focus on safe and clean ingredients. With a personal mission to help others feel good about their skin, Charlene started Glowfully in 2018 after researching what ingredients to avoid while caring for her mother during chemotherapy. Find out more from our conversation with Charlene below. 

Tell us a bit of yourself and what inspire you to start Glowfully?
Hi, I am Charlene. The founder of Glowfully, a local clean beauty brand that focuses on creating skincare products that are lightweight and efficacious. Glowfully was started in 2018 at a time when I was researching on what ingredients to avoid as I was caring for my mum who was undergoing chemotherapy for her breast cancer. I wanted her to only use products that are beneficial to her. It struck me that we might have been applying a lot of controversial ingredients that could be toxic to our skin when used daily. I was determined to create a brand that resonated with my belief that skincare could be simple and effective.

Besides creating clean beauty products, Glowfully also hope to have formulations that would cater specially to our hot and humid environment. Thus, when we formulate the Glowfully products, we always made sure that the products are nourishing yet not too rich or overpowering for daily use in our climatic conditions.

What does a typical day look like?
A typical weekday for me would start at 7:30am, I will try to clear as much ops/management matters before the team arrives at 9am. Working hours are filled with both internal and external discussions and meetings. I try to make it a point to leave work on time to spend time with my family.  Weekends are my recharging days where I would spend my time with family and playing badminton with hubs and friends.

Favourite part of your job?
Seeing my ideas coming to life. From conceptualizing to holding the final product in my hand and ultimately receiving reviews from our customers, sharing how Glowfully has become a staple in their routine.

Most challenging part of starting your own business?
As a startup, it’s hard to pick one aspect. We faced many challenges daily.  If I must choose the hardest, I think it would be people management. Whether internally or towards external stakeholders.

What do you envision your brand to be?
I hope Glowfully can expand our footprint internationally, building a like-minded community around the world.

What does success mean to you?
Success is subjective, and I feel that it changes with time. Between 20s-30s, I see success as being capable and equate that with the number behind my paycheck. Right now, it goes beyond the accomplishment in life.  At 40s, besides having a clear goal at work; I want to see success also as the ability to inspire my loved ones especially my daughters with my actions to be a better version of ourselves.  

How do you motivate yourself?
I constantly remind myself that it’s not an easy route. If its easy, then everyone would be able to do whatever I am trying to achieve.

What’s your morning routine or daily ritual?
I get up at 5.45am daily to get ready and send my girls to school. I usually reach office by 730am and enjoy the 1.5 hours of great productivity at work before everyone comes in. 

What’s your advice to those who aspire to be an entrepreneur especially those who’s into natural and sustainable business?
Act on it. Many times, we have great ideas, but we are afraid or waited too long for any action.

What’s your must-have self-care essentials?
A great facial mask and nice music to go with it.

What’s your favourite books/podcast/music that you live by? (If you have any)
I do not have any particular favourite but I do listen to HBR- Women at Work on spotify while driving to work.

What’s the ONE favourite song that keeps you going?
I lived by One Republic