#Soulpreneurs: Interview With Laura Bachmann

We're back with #Soulpreneurs and this time we had the opportunity to speak to Laura, Founder of Laura Bachmann - a bespoke home furnishing company based in Singapore. Find out more on her entrepreneurship journey as well as her passion in holistic living below! 

Tell us a bit of yourself and why did you start Laura Bachmann?
I've spent the last decade working in the top luxury hotels and since relocating, I brought my passion for styling and interior design to the homes in Singapore. After working with one the most known interior styling firm in Singapore for years, I started Laura Bachmann Home, combining my Interior Styling skills, hospitality personality as well as the passion in holistic living, aiming to provide customers who are looking for flexible home styling services and bespoke unique home furnishing pieces.
What does a typical day look like?
After dropping off my 4 year old daughter to school in the morning, I will come to my showroom at holland road shopping center, where we retail our own range of homeware. While working on home styling projects when I would conduct site consultations, sourcing for furniture as well as physically home makeovers, so it’s quite physical compared to an office job.
I finish from showroom early around 4-5pm so that I can spend quality time with my small family. Then I usually do some more work in the evening after my daughter goes to bed.

Favourite part of your job? 
Every morning, I put on the music and light up a candle in my showroom, I look forward to welcoming our customers and sharing the joys of being in a relaxing and comforting space where every corner filled with lovely things I designed or made.
Knowing that my customers love and enjoy my products at their own homes, gives me the biggest satisfaction and makes all my hard work worthwhile.
Most challenging part of doing the business?
Getting small batches of products of my own design is not easy. 

What do you envision your brand to be?
I would like to establish Laura Bachmann as a brand which carries a range of home decor products with classy and timeless designs, hotel quality but made available for any customers, as well as interior stylist’s curated sets so that customers don’t have to go around to match every piece for your home.

What does success mean to you?
Living a lifestyle exact how I like it to be, like now!
How do you motivate yourself?
I am doing something I love, so I look forward to coming to work every day.

What’s your morning routine or daily ritual?
Dropping my daughter to school, and we usually have a little chat. Every morning once I step in, I love to put on very relaxing music, and light up a scented candle and start my day of work which doesn’t feel like work.

Things you wish you knew before starting your entrepreneurship journey?
All costs involved! We have a physical shop, so we have rent and inventory to pay upfront.
What’s your advice to those who aspire to be an entrepreneur especially those who’s into natural and sustainable business?
Doing what we love and believe in, is a way of living! Believe you are creating values, which will get paid off.

What’s your must-have self-care essentials?

Time for myself is absolute essential. I need to think and know that my body, mind and soul are at present.
What’s your favourite books/podcast/music that you live by? (If you have any)
I love jazz music. I don’t read a lot unless I’m looking for answers, my favorite book would be Meet the unknown self 遇见未知的自己